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    After watching countless sufferers of skin conditions struggle to find products that were successful for them, we decided to do something about it. Our team has searched the world to bring you the most powerful ingredients in skin and hair care, especially those that are particularly anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing while relieving the symptoms of different skin conditions.


    Skin Care     •Hair Care

    Skin Care     •Hair Care

    Eczema Skin and Hair Care

    Eczema Skin Care

    With every passing year, the incidence of eczema increases. Some have even gone so far as to call it a worldwide epidemic. In addition to being widespread, this unfortunate skin condition has a long list of potential symptoms ranging from mild to severe, including dry and sensitive skin, red and inflamed skin, recurring rash, intense itching, and scaly patches. Some might even suffer from rough, leathery areas, swelling, dark colored patches of skin, oozing, crusting, cracking, and bleeding. It can be embarrassing, unsightly, uncomfortable, and even painful.

    While the exact causes of eczema remain unknown, there are many triggers that have been discovered. Irritants, allergens, and microbes have all been shown to cause flare-ups—which is why pHat 5.5 makes sure to leave those out. Made without irritating and potentially harmful substances like sulfates, parabens, alcohol, petroleum, fragrance, or gluten, these products have been carefully formulated to ensure your eczema remains as un-irritated as possible.

    This also allows the good stuff to do its job unhindered. Using some of nature’s most powerful ingredients, our products work to sooth and heal your eczema while simultaneously infusing your skin with the nutrients it needs to return to its native, healthy state. Key ingredients include Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera, Australian Cehami, and more. Manuka Honey is renowned for its natural antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, making it an effective, yet gentle, cleanser. It is also anti-inflammatory, contains antioxidants, and is such an incredible healer that it has been approved for medical use in hospitals for wound treatment. Aloe Vera is not only extremely moisturizing and soothing, providing intense relief even to burned skin, but it’s also packed full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Cehami, an Australian botanical, in addition to being incredibly anti-inflammatory and moisturizing, also repairs skin damage and promotes cellular regeneration.

    Finally, what sets us apart from other brands perhaps more than anything else is our careful attention to pH balance. We make sure all of our products match the natural pH of the skin at 5.5. Other products often are too alkaline, sitting at a pH level as high as 11, which can aggravate the skin or even burn it. By making sure all of our products are the same pH as your skin any possibility for irritation is further lessened, while at the same time your skin’s natural protector, the acid mantle, is kept intact and a friendlier environment for healing is created.

    Specifically formatted in every way to sooth, heal, and nourish, our line of eczema skin and hair care products will take care of your skin and hair gently, safely, and effectively.